Bluetooth for Psychosis

Greetings all,

I’m hoping this group can assist me with helping someone else. My sister is required to wear a headset connected to her Motorola Cls1110 radio throughout her work day. The cable running from the radio to the headset causes her issues to the point she finds it difficult to focus on her work. She has enlisted my assistance in figuring out a solution.

My first thought went to cable routing and other simple solutions however she said she tried those and they failed her. My next thought went to a bluetooth solution to remove the cable from the equation. I know on some of the bigger 800mhz type radios there is a bluetooth module that can be clipped onto the side of the radio but these radios have connectors made for such.

The CLS1110 according to my research has a headset jack similar to a cell phone. Though I could never determine if it was a single jack or a dual jack.

Basically we are looking for a solution that removes the cable from the radio to the headset (or replacement headset). I found a box online the UClear WT300 but I wasn’t sure I was reading the functionality correctly or that it was compatible.

Any thoughts or assistance would be appreciated.


Here is a bluetooth option available for the CLS radios:

Thanks. I’ll pass that along.