Best Range - Kenwood TK-3202L-U16P or Midland GXT800VP4 ?

Which GMRS radio would give the best range, the Kenwood TK-3202L-U16P or Midland GXT800VP4 ?

It will be used hunting both on flat land and in the mountains. Others will be using other brands and models. Which would have the best range?

Should I expect better clarity with the Kenwood TK-3202L-U16P ?

Are spare batteries and ear plugs available for the Kenwood TK-3202L-U16P ?

The Kenwood TK-3202L is hands down the better radio. While the Midland GXT800 is a great radio for the price, the Kenwood is simply in a different class. It is a true 4 watt radio with a great antenna. The Midland is effectively around 1.5 watts with a non-removable antenna that is typical of “bubble pack” radios. The Kenwood also has an 18 hour lithium battery.

There’s a reason that one Kenwood TK3202 costs the same as about 6 Midland GXT800’s. :slight_smile:

Is the Kenwood user programmable or dealer only?

The Kenwood TK3202 is dealer programmable only. You will find this is the case with all fully programmable radios.

If you buy it from us, however, we offer free programming for the life of the radio. You only pay for the shipping. This is the case with all of our programmable radios. You will find that most dealers charge around $20 per radio for any programming.

The 3202 is programmed by the software but there is a near identical radio (3200) that is user programmable but not repeater capable and I think it’s only 2 watts. You also have to choose from certain frequencies.