Best Handset For Fete in Park

Hi - I’m a novice who knows very little about 2-way radios. I wanted to ask some advice please. I’m organising a community fete in my local park and wanted to know which is the best radio-handset to hire.

We need a coverage of around 5km in the park. It is a flat open park - with no buildings etc.

One retailer has advised me to hire the Motorola CP040 & said they will attach a thicker/longer aerial onto it - for better range. Just wanted to know what your advice would be. Many thanks :slight_smile:

That would be very long range for handheld radios, even with a 14" whip installed. How many radios are you renting? Maybe you can relay messages between people, or see if the radio shop has business frequencies on a repeater you can hire to increase coverage.

edit-- You may also want to contact your local HAM radio club. Amateurs often lend support to organized events as a public service and to attract new members.