Battery charging issue

I have two Midland two way radio’s that just started not holding a charge- either with the battery pack or with new replacement batteries. They were in different chargers as well. I checked the contacts and these all look good. They go to beeping and indicating low battery within an hour of being out of the charger.
Any other suggestions?

thanks! Jan

How old are the radios and the replacement batteries? Batteries for radios that may be three or four years old may be “new” but they might not have been manufactured for years. Battery life is partly dependent on how they are charged and how often, but a big factor is simply their age. They lose their ability to accept a charge just by sitting on a shelf for three years.

Thank you! The dilemma is that the radios will not hold a charge even with regular replaceable batteries (triple A).
These batteries work in other radio’s so it is not that the batteries are bad. And the radios came from two different chargers.