Awesome customer service!!!

I made a mistake and ordered wrong radios, I called at receiving and spoke with Anthony, he was great!! when I told him I have made a mistake he just asked me to send the radios back and there was no other questions. In less than a week I got the radios and no extra fees were charged.
Thanks Anthony!!
I wish all returns experiences were like this one.
You sure have a loyal customer now.

I recomend doing business with to everybody I know.
great service, fast and profesional boxed delivery.
Not one problem.:slight_smile:

I am also a member of an adult air rifle forum brought to us by the small company (two guys, I kid you not) that has the site. They also offer great customer service. It seems the larger the company, the more you are just a number. I don’t expect kiss-my-toes service anywhere I go, but damn, just treat me like a human.

IMHO, Anthony went above and beyond the call with the order you placed and how it was your fault. Behavior such as this will certainly ensure future business with you and everyone you have contact with, or in this case, who reads this thread.