An amazing ham radio Zastone D9000 I have experienced.

I met Zastone D9000 several months ago. After I had checking ?Zastone D9000? on internet I found there are so many videos & information there especially on Youtube It seems that good. From the connectors connecting, APRS function, the LCD screen display and signals& receiving range. So I bought one.

Also, I did some test and uncoupled it to check the reality.

For ham radio, the frequency of 136~174Mhz/400~520MHz(TX/RX) is workable.
For Channel*spacing, the three modes, wide、middle and narrow is workable as the specifications showed.But 200-260MHz, it doesn?t work at all. After checking, I was told that the range is indeed on testing.

I thought it is not enough. Let?s see what happened after I uncouple it.

1.This machine have changed the 6-connector socket to the 8-connector socket and realized the APRS function. (I was told that APRS is only done in hardware. Need time to update software.)

2.Optimizing the VHF parameters on the main board. (That means can receive VHF from one side and put UHF out from the other side.)

3.It is work well in degradation testing of the LCD plate in high and low temperature(-10℃~+50℃). I test it by refrigerator and hot water.

4.Longer receiving range and clearer signals than before. The reality range in crowd city is 12.2km.

It is a basic test by myself. Does some one else get this ham radio and some professional advice? Welcome to send and discuss with me.