Advice: Two Way Radio For Noisy Enviroment

Hi, I’m very new to the two-way radio scene. I have been reading a lot of the threads on this great forum.

I wonder if you could help me regarding what I should look out for.

  1. I’d like to begin initially with 2 handsets with the option of adding several more once we get the hang of them.

  2. We intend to use the handsets in a super-noisy enviroment (think disco music) and would need a headset that has a decent volume.

  3. We are on a dreadfully tight budget, but I understand if people suggest more expensive models.

  4. We will probably be working over different sized areas, varying from inside the city (say a mile or two), to open countryside over several miles.

  5. I read one of the threads regarding the headsets not having powerful enough mics. I don’t neccessarily need to use headsets, butwould like to know which ones to purchase should the need arise.

Can you suggest a radio or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

To consistently get 2+ miles I would recommend a 4 watt business radio, such as the Kenwood TK3202 or the Motorola AXU4100. If you are on a tight budget you may be able to get away with a 2 watt, like the Motorola XU2100 or Kenwood TK3200.

For an extremely high noise environment, our adjustable throat mic is a good choice. Since it transmits from vibrations in your throat, background noise is automatically eliminated. A shoulder mic is another good option for high noise environments.