Advice for emergency radio

I’m working in a mountainous region, about 12k ft, mountains are about 14k ft. Dense forest, winter only in untouched snow, no roads, no way out except by ski so it needs to be able to reach an emergency channel at least 5 miles deep. It’s gotta work. I’m talking serious life safety. What’s your recommendation?

PLB or Sat phone. Too many unknown variables with a blanket requirement in the mountains as operator skill and licensing becomes a large factor.


I agree. Without knowing the specific details, including the country, mountain region and availability of repeater systems, it is difficult to recommend any specific radios, because from your general description, any terrestrial based radio is going to have performance issues across an entire mountain range.

You are asking for a “one size fits all” radio that’s just not possible out side of very sophisticated systems. Sorry, not going to happen without lots of $$.

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It all depends on additional features you are looking for in an emergency radio. I mean - hand crank/weather scan/SOS alarm/smartphone adapter/solar panel and so on…
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If your life depends upon a radio that can call for help, wouldn’t you want to buy the very best radio you can buy, not a cheap radio that probably won’t work when you need it?
My advice would be to inquire if there was a two way radio shop in the area, maybe the shop owner has his / her own repeater and could sell you radios and could lease you use of their repeater. Then you wouldn’t need to bother yourself with getting a license or learning a call sign or following any sort of rules.
It would be up to the repeater owner to sell you part type compliant radios and enforce what ever rules they may have for their repeater.
Most commercial repeater owners would love to have new customers.
That would solve your range problem.