Actual dimensions of Radios ? (MR350, MH230)

I’m looking for the smallest possible unit to give to my daughter when she rides to school and what’s frustrating is that actual dimensions are hard to come by, doesn’t help of course that there is ZERO info about that on Motorola’s site or in the user manuals…Would be great if buytwowayradios could list that type of info!

If anyone knows the respective size of these radios that would help :

On the web I’ve found :

MH230 : 2.1x1.2x6.2 or 1.3x7.8x2.4
MR350 : 2.3x1.3x7.6

It would make sense for the MR350 to be a bit larger since they house 3AA batteries, which is a bonus over AAA batteries that tend to run down rather quickly.

We are working on a project to show the relative size of radios, consumer and commercial. We like to have as much information as possible to help people make a decision. As you noted though, the manufacturers do not help out that much. :slight_smile:

The mid to high tier Motorola GMRS radios are all a bit similar in size, the only compact ones are the MB140R and the FV300. They are low power radios though.

The most compact “high” power GMRS radios around are Cobras such as the microTALK CXR825.

At 5.5" H x 1.5" W x 2" D They are only a bit bigger than some cell phones. They also have Li-ion batteries.

Thanks, looking forward to that new feature on twowayradio! Would really be helpful as separate pictures can be deceiving, the Midland GXT1000 looked pretty compact until someone pointed out in the review that they are 8" tall!

5.5" for the Cobra 825 is certainly a big improvement in height compared to the 8" of the GXT1000 or of my old Uniden, probably close to my old low power Motorola talkabouts. (T680) now broken :frowning: Will now try to locate a review here for the 825.

Does 7.6" look right for the MR350? Would you say the MH230 are 6" or 8"? Thanks!

The MR350 is around 7.5"-7.6" from base to the tip of the antenna. I will have to get back to you on the MH230. I had a MR350 laying around in my office. :slight_smile:

Thanks ! Means it’s probably a good one if you have it around :wink: If smaller the MH230 would be tempting too…

…Or I had a customer return radio I was using for testing. :slight_smile:

hehe, hadn’t thought of that :wink:

Saw the MJ270 at a store today and it’s really quite a handful, even worse than my current Uniden I’d say :frowning:

Were you able to track down an MH230 ? TIA !

The MH230R is little over 6 inches from the antenna to the base and about 1 inch thick.

Thanks! Quite a bit shorter than the MR350 then and the 2.1x1.2x6.2 I’d found sound right, which amounts to 15.6 ci, actually better than the 5.5x1.5x2=16.6 ci of the CXR825…

What would you say is the most “pleasing” form factor between the two?

In regards to appearance, I am rather ambivalent about both radios. :slight_smile: At least the MH230 is colorful. As to ergonomics, they are ok, but I prefer Midland radios.

Ah, neither would be your first choice in terms of looks/form factor then, what don’t you like about them? The Midland GXT1000 doesn’t really look any better, at least on pictures :wink:

The Midland feels more rugged (which is a subjective assessment). I also do not like the round bottoms on the Motorola radios. Midland tends to be a better buy for a lot of people as well.