about lead content...

I’ve been reading about lead content in some of the Cobra radios, can’t find any listing on the web about just which radios contain lead. Seems the Midlands are safe, but I’ve read some reviews about some of Cobra’s (probably their older models??) blister packs containing warnings about lead content and washing your hands after using these radios.

I have a set of their pr590wx that I use at work, and have the pr4000wx on the way.

I’d read about the pr3500’s-was going to get these as an extra set for work-but read about lead in these also. I’m wondering if my pr590wx set has lead, not too encouraging even though I like the Cobras for their multi-power features and design. I guess I can check the fcc site…

As far as the pr590wx’s, I do like that they are so small and light. Not the most powerful I’m sure as far as distance goes, we are at the most 1/5 of a mile from each other, but on the average between 80-250 feet from each other, with metal buildings and power/electrical systems, and another type of radio frequency in use to speak to the tower (at a heliport).

If anyone has any of these radios and wants to comment on them, or comment about the lead content-I’d hope we wouldn’t have to worry about the latest models-please chime in, I’m all ears.

The only consumer radios that advertise themselves as being lead free are the 2008 models from Midland and Uniden. My understanding is that all of the Cobra models contain lead, but I don’t know how serious of a problem this is. They all carry the lead warning because a state law in California requires it.

You will see more about “lead free” or RoHS compliance. RoHS is a European standard that limits the amount of hazardous substances (e.g., lead) in products. It is being voluntarily adopted by manufacturers of US products. To my knowledge most of the two-way radio manufactures are RoHS compliant. I do not believe, however, that is is possible to make a two-way radio that has NO lead. I am suspicious of anyone making a “lead free” boast.