2 Way Radio License

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site so I am not sure if this question has been asked so here it goes. I have purchased 4 Baofeng v5r radios because I am familiar with using them over seas as a contractor. I want use the radios with family when we go hunting but I was told that I needed a license to operate them, is this information correct? Ive been given conflicting information so anything to point me in the right direction would be extremely helpful.

Thank you

Hi geoD, welcome to the forums!

The UV-5R is sold in the US as an amateur radio, so an amateur (ham) radio license is required to transmit on amateur frequencies supported by this radio. It is also Part 90 certified for LMR use on FCC licensed business frequencies, so if you are licensed for one or more business frequencies the UV-5R is a very economical choice.

Although technically it will work on FRS, GMRS and MURS frequencies, it is not FCC Part 95 certified for use on those services, so with or without a GMRS license, it is not legal to transmit on GMRS frequencies with the Baofeng UV-5R in the US.

I realize this is an older thread, but I’d like to add a comment.

If you were to pass the UV-5R radios to your friends or family to use, then each person with a radio would have to have an amateur license.

Hi Fellas, I saw a web site posted for a free online license course. Do you know the link for that site?? Thank you.

I responded to your same question in another thread.
Free course for license


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