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Old 03-01-2018, 04:20 PM
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Default Moto RMV-2080 use/programming question

I inherited a handful of XTN VHF hand-helds that someone thought would be a good idea to buy/use INSIDE a 70,000sq/ft metal/steel wave grabbing manufacturing plant. We needed a few more to start using them again, but I was over-ruled on "let replace the whole bunch with some decent UHF models and we'll be all set!" ($$, as usual.) So I got 3 RMV-2080's that we could setup to work with the XTN's and have the ability to set-up a few other channels to use solely with these 3 radios. (Supervisor channel, management channel, etc)

The RMV's work just fine talking to the XTN's. They work just fine on any of the other channels talking to another RMV set to the same channel. The problem I am having is getting them to scan to capture the primary plant channel if I am on another channel.

I am mostly certain I have the radio's programmed correctly. (I have the CPS loaded on the PC along with the handy cables to do both radio types.)

I am not so certain on the "operator" part of the equation. I have SB1 set as "monitor". So, in theory, if I change to channel 2 and short press SB1, it should scan the "priority channel" (which is channel 1). Or is it an odd setting and you have to have it set to "scan/nuisance channel delete"?

I've read thru the manual a few times and never really found anything concrete that pointed me in the right direction. It's not the end of the world, but would certainly be nice if I could get the scan/monitor or whatever it is I need to set the right way.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm not bald yet, but getting there.
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