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Old 02-28-2017, 11:16 AM
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Default Re: programing

Technically speaking, all these radios will work anywhere on earth. Radio frequencies are not physically bound by national borders or regions. However, the rules and laws governing the use of those airwaves within a state or country vary, so whether PMR446 or FRS/GMRS radios are allowed in South America will depend on the laws in those countries.

We are based in the US, so our knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the use of radio bands and frequencies are limited primarily to those set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.

PMR446 is the band and set of frequencies in the 446MHz range designated for license free radio use in the EU.

Family Radio Service (FRS) is a radio service with frequencies set aside by the FCC for license free use in the US.

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is the set of frequencies assigned by the FCC for licensed personal use in the US.

The very first episode of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast is an introduction and in-depth discussion on the consumer radios and services you are asking about. It should answer some of your questions and is a good starting point for learning about these radios.

The link to the episode is below.
TWRS-01 - An Introduction to Consumer Radios

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Old 02-28-2017, 04:15 PM
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Default Re: programing

I'm amazed that Motorola, a well respected manufacturer is getting away with avoiding using the magic word WATTS in their documentation and claiming 35 miles as a possible range. They hide it well, with a mention of 3 miles or so in built up areas, but two people thinking they are going to be able to get 35 miles from two battery operated portables is never going to work. Mountain peak to mountain peak maybe, but in real life - antenna height at both ends is vital.

Let's face it, 5 Watts which is the probably maximum power from these things as they claim 10 hours battery life, won't get you reliably to a repeater with a decent aerial system high up 10 miles away, and rubber duck to rubber duck is a simply terrible prospect. How on earth Motorola get away with this I just don't know. Even in a flat desert for a normal person the horizon is at about 3 miles, and it's only 12 miles from a 100ft tower! Line of sight is not going to be 35 miles.

On the Baofeng reliability - these things are disposable. If you break one, you throw it away and buy another. They have no service backup because they don't need it! Here in the UK, sending something to have fixed means probably a bill the same as buying a new Baofeng. Fair enough, other countries could have cheaper rates for repair - but probably not that much as the workshop equipment costs so much.

Spend $300 on a radio, and a warranty is included, and after this expires, maybe, just maybe they are still worth more than a minor repair. Spend $60 on a radio and you have to think a bit!
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