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Old 01-31-2019, 01:38 PM
Chickenhawk Chickenhawk is offline
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Default Re: NEW - Motorola DLR series - rugged, licence-free, high-quality digital radios

Nice! I was joking about the trades of course.

As you know, I am a huge fan of the DTR/DLR series, and hopefully helped people understand them better. I was very happy to see Motorola continue technology that is unmatched by any other make, and I still think they are perfect for people who want unlicenced radios that are also private, excellent quality and have very good range.

The software for the DTR/DLR radios is free and is web-based, so this will be a HUGE improvement over the very early days of the first DTR radios.

If you remember those days, there was myself and one or two other enthusiasts who basically had to write the book as we went along and ended up teaching Motorola about the radio instead of the other way round. One of the reasons why I always buy from and recommend buytwowayradios is that you folks were among the few dealers who actually understood those radios and could sell their capabilities.
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Old 05-17-2019, 11:25 PM
khp5568 khp5568 is offline
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Default Re: NEW - Motorola DLR series - rugged, licence-free, high-quality digital radios

I just received my first DTR700. I love the smaller size and bright screen. However, I am disappointed to see that the programming is very different than the DTR650, requiring a whole new setup (and learning curve) in the programming software.

Is there really no over-the-air contacts re-programming with the DTR700? That is one of the best parts of the DTR radios.

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