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Old 10-23-2018, 10:33 AM
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Default TYT MD-9600 Problem at using VFO A and B

Hello everybody,

I have been the owner of a TYT MD 9600 for one week.
Although I have collected some experience in the programming of Codeplugs (with RT3), but for 9600 I have a persistent Problem.

I have successfully created a code plug using the VFO A for 70cm and the VFO B for 2m. But now the following apses:

I chose TG 9 for VFO A, for VFO B I have selected a 2m direct frequency.
I am in a QSO on the VFO B in 2m.
If there is a short break in the QSO and a TG on VFO A is being used somewhere on the Reflector, the loudspeaker symbol jumps from VFO B to VFO A.

Then my partner presses on 2m the PTT again I can not hear him, because the speaker icon is on VFO A.

well noticed
It only moves the speaker icon. I do not hear anything. Unless it is sent on the TG that I have selected on VFO A.

How can I stop this behavior? If I have selected a VFO I do not want an automatic change.

I've searched everything, but have found nothing yet. Also on the Internet, I could not find any help or similar Posts.

I would be very happy about this help

vy 73 Thomas, DO3GE
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