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Default Re: Marine Radio At Home

Originally Posted by paulears View Post
I've tried to find the rule mentioned, but can't, and it's not in the faq.

Are links not allowed? This topic without the link makes little sense, so I'm confused as to what the antenna was he was talking about.

2 and half miles is close enough to get pretty decent reception on most antennas - although I too would suggest the dipole described above - they work pretty well and are a doddle to make!
Originally Posted by Rick S View Post
The rules are here

The link was to a product for sale. After removing the link, I responded to his post with an explanation of what the product was, partly to respond to the question and partly to help anyone else who read the thread later to be able to follow the discussion without the need for the link.

Links are allowed, as long as they do not violate the rules. For instance, the link K6CPO posted was perfectly fine, because it didn't violate any of the rules.
They got me on that one a while back. I have to constantly remember that because this is the only radio forum I frequent that has that rule.
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