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Default Re: NOAA weather radio reception

Originally Posted by jaybo View Post
I have two Midland GXT1050 radios and two Midland GXT795 radios. Both types of radios have NOAA weather (WX) scan capabilities. I also have an Oregon Scientific NOAA weather radio.

The reception on the Oregon Scientific radio is much clearer than the reception on the Midland radios. There is a lot of noise on the Midlands making the transmission very difficult to hear.

What causes this and is there anything that I can do about it?
For one the scientific seems very specific and may have an antenna that is matched to the VHF signal that the weather channels are broadcast on. Where your midlands are GMRS/FRS radios that are on the UHF band which ideally would be suited to a different antenna. So, how do Midlands sound when you talk to other radios?
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