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Default Re: Copy settings from Anyone 289g to Baofeng UV-5R

Originally Posted by Keystone Jack View Post
It's a year later and no one has answered your question. I'm a newby here. I just picked up 3 of the Anytone 289G radios branded as RadioBoss. I'm trying to use CHIRP to program them, but can't find the model number listed in the settings. How were you able to pull the configuration off of yours?

Thank you for any assistance!
The 289G radios are not supported by Chirp. So you are out of luck there. I imagine the OP downloaded his radio's info via the factory software, and his question was how to convert this info into something Chirp would understand so he could easily load that data into his Baofengs, which ARE supported by Chirp.

Typically, the factory software for most radios has some sort of proprietary nonstandard protocol that Chirp will not understand.
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