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Default Re: Hello all I have a question

Originally Posted by ipfd320 View Post
I,m Sorry I Have to Reply to This Answer to the Moderator jwilkers Posted--I Have Been a New Member for Approx 2 Months Now--I Have alot of Knowledge and Use of Radio Equipment thru the Years---I Have Read Alot of Posts on Here and all I See is Alot of Negitivity and Dont do This and Dont Use That From You

as for the Answer You Gave (QUOTE) The TYT radio is not FCC certified for GMRS, so simply put.... you cannot use this radio to communicate with GMRS radios.

I Think You Should Read this From this Site---

I Feel a Little More Encouragement and Maybe a Better Direction on the Right Purchase of a Radio From This Site Would Help Alot Instead of a New Member Being Discouraged and Let Down By Such a Sharp Answer

He Can Use FRS Radios from Walmart Without a License (aka) Bubble Pack Radios or for Real Short Range He Can go for the MURS Radios

Does it Really Matter What Radio is in Use ??--This has Been Sent Around Many Many Websites Honestly If You Dont Advertise It No One Will Know--Jmho

It Looks More Like RADIO Policeing Than Anything Else
In response to your comment about "radio policing," the OP stated he was buying a radio that is marketed for the amateur bands and might be using it for other than its intended purpose. Amateur radio has always been "self-policing," so it's incumbent on us to educate people about potential improper or illegal operation. And "If You Dont Advertise It No One Will Know" serves no purpose but to breed anarchy on the bands.
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