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Default Re: Fcc license question

I have no axe to grind here, but when people ask questions about doing things that are not allowed, surely, the only grown up answer is to tell it as it is. especially as the forum is run by a commercial two way radio sales business.

I'm in the UK, and often get confused by the differences between our two sets of laws - but ours broadly reflect the US ones. Clearly in both countries people buy radios that are not compliant with the various laws, enter frequencies and use them. Normally, there is very little operation problem doing this, but it is not right, and a business who deal with professional radio cannot, hand on heart say it is OK to do this. The US FCC and the UK's OFCOM clearly do not have enough staff to even attempt to check radios on a public band - but that doesn't make it right.

If I ask if it's OK to buy a radio that isn't compliant and use it - the ONLY answer has to be no.

Does it Really Matter What Radio is in Use ??
Practically, perhaps not, but legally and morally yes it does. You will never see a printed wide circulation magazine that recommends people do illegal things, even though loads do.

I'm sorry that a new member finds the forum unwelcoming because they have a policy of encouraging legal operating. There are lots of forums where people encourage using radios on channels they shouldn't be used on. Some detail how to access government satellite channels - plenty of people do this in south America and of course it's not legit at all. Other people use far higher powers than allowed. Others transmit in other bands not allowed. Some of these - like the satellite usage is very naughty. Using the free radio channels with a higher power radio is a bit naughty. Using these channels on low power is a slight amount of naughtiness. Breaking the law in this way is a bit like doing 35 in a 30 limit in your car. You might get caught but most people don't unless they do other silly things.

You cannot expect anyone to promote speeding as something OK to do.

Forums should promote doing things properly. Not fair to blame the mods, and he was quite nice about it I thought.

The other thing is that if you read this forum, you will find numerous topics closed for promoting illegal activity. It is how the owners like it - as members, if we don't like it, it is tough! Their forum, their rules. Frankly it's unreasonable for a new member with no history to complain about a moderator doing his job. It's a thankless task - and I personally support his decision.
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