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Default Re: Fcc license question

If the Walmart radios are truly GMRS radios, then you need a GMRS license from the FCC. There is no examination for the license, but the license fee is somewhere in the vicinity of $70. If you get the license in your name it will also cover your immediate family (spouse and children.)

Now, herein lies the rub. The TYT TH-8600 is an amateur radio and because of that requires a completely separate license to operate and it's frequencies are different from GMRS. To obtain the amateur license, there is a 35 question examination that you must pass with a 74% or better score. Some examiners charge a fee for administering the exam, but it can be no more than $15. The license covers only you. Anyone you talk to on the amateur bands must also be licensed.

While it's possible that particular radio might cover the GMRS frequencies also, it is illegal to use it on GMRS because it hasn't been type certified for GMRS by the FCC.

In the long run, you're going to get better communications performance if you buy the TYT, ditch the cheap Walmart walkie talkies for amateur band handhelds and get licensed.
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