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Thumbs up Re: Any interest in a digital radio forum?

I 100% agree, a digital radio forum is needed and inevitable anyway.

Subforums could include: P25 (Phase 1 & 2), DMR, NXDN (iDAS/NEXEDGE), dPMR, Amateur (D-STAR, Yasesu Fusion), and Motorola DTR & DLR professional radios.

I have a fleet of Motorola DTR and DLR series 900MHz FHSS digital radios. They work EXCELLENT and have completely replaced my use of GMRS/FRS and MURS for my non-Ham local on-site simplex type use. I'm not trying to set any range records with them but specifically want them for reliable local simplex type use. A co-worker recently asked me "Why not just use FRS?" My answer was that I've been doing that for the past 22 years and want an all-digital solution that's higher quality and more professional than FRS.

Motorola DTR series:

New Motorola Digital Lightweight Radio (DLR) series, compatible with DTR:
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