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Old 04-22-2018, 01:15 AM
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Angry Re: TYT MD-9600 Programming

I just bought a second MD 9600, because my first one seems to have gone brain dead. (I was distracted while building a code plug, and hit "write to radio". Before it finished, I hit "cancel." From there, it's brain dead. Will not accept a code plug. CPS will not identify radio. Nothing. that's the first radio)

New radio: Firmware version: D005.005. CP Version: V01.12.

It will not accept a code plug.
When I open the CPS, open a code plug, hit "Write" "OK" it shows that it is writing, then shows "Write successful"

The code plug contains one Analog frequency: 146.520
The rest of it is set up for use with my Nano Node.
BUT, all that shows on the screen of the radio is: Shows indication of Analog, "Sample" and "Unprogrammed".

What theheck is up with these bloody radios?????????
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Old 04-22-2018, 06:29 PM
Tim N3LYT Tim N3LYT is offline
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Default Re: TYT MD-9600 Programming

If there is nothing in the "B" band it will display unprogrammed. These are not the easiest thing to program. Put your zones in A simplex etc, analog in B. Well to be frank it could be either you could switch the A and B but there must be something in the other side This is a dual band in the simplest sense but it is wanky. I have yet to get the "P" buttons to work the way they should.
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